Uncut Stone

A poem about last wishes and a life of love.

On Valentine’s Day 2021, I share the last poem in my first chapbook, Every Day Is a Love Letter (available on Amazon in print and Kindle).

This is a kind of living will, which describes an ordinary place in nature made extraordinary by the memories of a romantic bond.

The poem rhymes and carries itself in rhythm in a way unlike most of the ones I write. Each stanza has five lines – lines 1 and 5, as well as lines 2 and 4, rhyme with each other – though it can be read without mind to all that. I hope you enjoy it.

Uncut Stone
Find for me our lace of shade
crocheted by willow leaves,
spinning see-through, feather-veined,
shimmering yellow as they weave
and trim the mossy glade.
Hear for me the very air
carry back an echoed shriek
of our long-grown little boys
red-cheeked in the creek
that still laughs with them there.
Feel for me our uncut stone
to the back field glacier-rolled,
rose quartz so magnificent
and but for us unseen, untold,
spending eternity here alone.
Guard for me the pheasants’ nest
where we kissed among the trees,
in bobbing daubs of goldenrod
adorned with pollen-laden bees,
and lay me there to rest.
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